Brand Introduction
                    My Home Balcony is an Internet home brand focusing on intelligent sunshade and space experience of home balcony under the Guangzhou Greenawn Awning Science &Technology Ltd. My Home Balcony is the first brand in China that focuses on living space under the sunshade of a home balcony. It pioneered the patent technology of balcony exterior covering, providing a large number of Chinese home users with a living space solution based on the sunshade of the balcony, to meet the practical and beautiful consumption of modern home balcony demand.
                    My home balcony advocates a comfortable, healthy, high-quality home lifestyle, integrating the most advanced balcony space design concepts in Europe and America, and using environmentally-friendly, healthy, stylish, and super-high-quality balcony exterior blind to unlock all kinds of free balcony. The balcony-specific blind integrates various functions such as sun, rain, wind, breathability and translucent scenery. Since its launch, it has been favored by many consumers and has become a new darling of balcony life fashion.
                    An Internet home brand focusing on smart shading
                    and space experience of home balcony
                    PRODUCT CENTER
                    The balcony-specific outer awning (GR520)
                    The balcony-specific outer awning (GR520) is designed with environmentally-friendly sunlight fabric combined with a cable guide system. It integrates multiple functions such as sunshade, rain protection, windproof, dustproof, anti-peeping, ventilation, and intelligent control. It can be used independently on the balcony resisting the influence of external weather and other factors, it provides a guarantee for homes to create a variety of leisure balcony living scenes.
                    The new box cover rail (GR950)
                    The new box cover rail (GR950) for the balcony is upgraded. The guide rail and the box cover are made and designed of all aluminum alloy materials. The exquisite design of the outer frame is stylish and beautiful, and it is the standard for leisure living on the ideal balcony of the home.
                    Pioneering sunshade technology for balcony, not only shade
                    Shelter from rain
                    Adopt special sunlight fabric
                    to avoid balcony exposure
                    The blind is more stable
                    Can block rain from entering the balcony and reduce ground water
                    Dust-resistant and durable
                    Prevent external dust , durable fabric
                    Prevent external dust , durable fabric
                    Blocks peeping from outside the balcony
                    Protect the privacy of home life
                    Anti-dazzle and breathable
                    Block solar radiation and prevent glare
                    good breath ability
                    Free dimming
                    One-button easy dimming, indoor brightness can be adjusted at will
                    BALCONY SHADING SOLUTION
                    Free appointment on-site measuring, professional installation
                    New life on the balcony, starting with shade