Brand Introduction
                    "Greenawn Awning" means that under the sun and in the shade
                    the sun becomes mottled, and the leaves move with the wind, making people comfortable and pleased.
                    For more than a decade, it has provided high-quality awnings to millions of families in the United States, Britain,Thailand, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Colombia, South Africa and so on
                    Bring it home, so that our compatriots in the motherland can enjoy the happy hour under the awning brought by AWNING.
                    PRODUCT SERIES
                    Quality first,casting brand value
                    Greenawn is one of the first domestic companies engaged in outdoor shading. Since the establishment of the company, it has been focusing on product quality.
                    From fabric selection and profile processing to finished product production, it has always insisted on winning with quality. Renowned domestic and foreign.
                    Leading the industry with technological innovation
                    Greenawn is a leader in the domestic outdoor shading industry. We have an international R & D design team, who continuously learns from European and American shading concepts and advanced technical experience, integrates and innovates shading products that are more suitable for modern outdoor life, and continues to lead the industry development with technological innovation.
                    International R & D Design Team
                    23 years of industry experience
                    Continuous product innovation
                    WITH professional service, Achieve future vision
                    Thanks to the continuous research and innovation of products, high standards of quality requirements, and the assistance of trusted technical partners, we are always willing to act as your professional technicians and shading experts, to provide you with professional advice and service support. Continuously meet customers’ actual demand makes us move towards the world famous outdoor shading brand.
                    • Ppre-sale service
                      We design and customize a high-quality
                      smart shading system for each case.
                    • Sale service
                      Through a series of humanized high-standard services such as measurement, design, and installation
                      we create a comfortable space under the sun for each customer
                    • After sales service
                      Reasonable guarantee and process, perfect maintenance system, regular inspection
                      cleaning and maintenance, fabric replacement