You have to live spherically -in many directions. Never lose your childish enthuse asm -and things will come your way.
                    ——Frances Mayes《Under the Tuscan sun》
                    Da Vinci
                    The sun rises higher and higher, it is on the roof of the light is dark.
                    ——Da Vinci
                    A Passionate Dreamer.
                    Always have the Pursuit of Excellence in Every Product!
                    ——Da Vinci
                    chief designer
                    Michel Delcourt
                    Internationally renowned master of shading design
                    As a famous French designer, Michel Delcourt is the founder & chief designer of the TOSCANA brand.
                    Michel Delcourt sees da Vinci as a spiritual leader.He has won the National Industrial Design Award for his outstanding industrial design talents
                    and is recognized as a natural leader in covering and extension structural solutions.
                    CORE PRODUCTS
                    NEW GENERATION SHADE
                    Wider span
                    The single-sided structure is available with a width of up to 13.5m and a projection of 11m which is more suitable for creating a comfortable and diverse outdoor space.
                    The pergola is more stable
                    Adopting pressure-resistant all-aluminum process
                    it can withstand 50 ~ 100km / h wind. The special design
                    makes the pergola has a stronger load-bearing capacity
                    Fabric is more insulated
                    Joint research and development of special shade fabrics
                    with international fabric brands with a shading rate of
                    over 90% and better thermal insulation
                    More beautiful appearance
                    Designed by Michele Decote, an internationally renowned shading designer, subverting subverting traditional
                    design is more modern and more stylish
                    More powerful
                    Supporting functions are rich and diverse and it is easy to
                    create a variety of scene experiences such as smart sun rooms
                    commercial leisure places, and pool leisure areas
                    More Installation modes
                    Up to 6 types of installation methods, make full use of
                    the building structure in the scene space to achieve
                    the most suitable installation method
                    TOSCANA focuses on creating high-quality outdoor shading living spaces with complete supporting products, such as smart LED lighting systems, electric sealed vertical curtains, smart humidifiers, smart heaters and other supporting TOSCANA awning products. Achieve a variety of scene functional experiences such as cool summer and warm winter, dustproof, and make outdoor rest life more comfortable and more quality.
                    SCOPE OF APPLICATION
                    • Commercial place
                      Star hotels, restaurants and bars, high-end clubs and other outdoor leisure areas
                    • Residential area
                      Swimming pool, garden, balcony, carport and other outdoor recreation areas
                    • Garden engineering
                      Garden engineering, tourist resorts and other outdoor recreation areas